24 January 1982

Sun Jan XIV

Lisa + Kevin are being bloody pains with their non-stop nagging – Lisa especially. Lisa put sand in Rabbits’ milk and ‘Jellymeat’!

Looks like this was the point where the cabin fever caused by over three weeks of not going to school, plus the change of environment, really began to kick in. The odd thing is that I am pretty sure that it wasn’t me who was being nagged, even though I only had the very shortest of fuses where the pair of them were concerned.

Lisa putting sand in the cat food is something I remember vividly. As I have previously mentioned, it was my job to feed the cat and I was righteously livid on behalf of Rabbits at this turn of events. Unfortunately, the presence of a sandpit in the back garden, when coupled with a bored child and a cat who didn’t eat all of its food, was too much temptation to bear.

(Before any cat lovers complain, it was common to give cats milk in those days. Honest.)

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