Casey Jones

I had clean forgotten about this television show until someone tweeted about it over the weekend and I thought I would jump in with my memory of it before I forgot about it all over again.

The legend of Casey Jones is known throughout America, as a train driver whose death in a 1900 crash became the basis for a popular song. This song then became the basis for a black and white television show about Jones, a fireman named Wallie Sims and conductor Redrock Smith.

The show was aired at teatime on a Sunday during the time that I was living in Dundee. I loved it. Every episode revolved around Jones, with help from his colleagues, thwarting some attempt to interfere with the smooth running of his train, the Cannonball Express. Train robbers, marauding Indians, escaped convicts and the like were all ultimately defeated by the the ingenuity and derring do of Jones and co.

I am sure that the attraction of this show was that it was about trains. I was never a child who was massively into the whole ‘cowboys and indians’ scenario (which this was essentially a play on) and there were enough shows still shown in black and white for that not to be the novelty it would be today. And, of course, I had no knowledge of the story that the show took its inspiration from.

That last element, though, is quite possibly why I forgot about it. Basically, faster, brighter shows came along, shows which had more interest for me than a steam engine or a man in an enormous cap.

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  1. AT says:

    …not forgetting the sub-prime burger joint.

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