23 January 1982


Dull Day. Went Swimming A.M. Played Monopoly and came 3rd. Lisa won! Poured with rain.

Every time I re-read this I don’t quite understand why I would have gone swimming in an open air pool if it was pouring with rain. I suspect that the rain came on in the afternoon.

Not that that doesn’t make it a noteworthy event. We didn’t have that many rainy days whilst we were in Auckland (something made up for during the 2008 visit, when we caught the tail end of a monsoon and the worst weather for three decades) and so that sort of thing does tend to get recorded in here.

Note my surprise at Lisa winning the game of Monopoly. That almost never happened. She was only six, after all. How many six year olds nowadays could even tell you how to play the game?

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