19 January 1982

Tues Jan XIX

Went swimming at the school down the road. Went to the beach with the Parkes’ and cut my feet and hands badly.

The school down the road was actually the one that Lisa and Kevin would attend. They had an outdoor swimming pool which, during the school holidays – which this was, it being summer – was open for part of the day to local children. We spent a lot of time there. Even I, no great fan of swimming even then, spent a lot of time there.

The Parkes’ were a family who lived up and across the road from us. I think Mrs Parkes – Dorothy – might have known the people who owned the house we were living in, because she was quick to befriend us. We saw a lot of her and her three children, Rachel, Christine and baby Matthew, although I don’t remember coming across Mr Parkes – who was I think a policeman and named Bruce – that often.

The beach was at a place called Point Chevalier, which was about ten minutes drive from our home, or was if you had a car. Which we didn’t. Which is why we tended to go there with the Parkes’.

I did cut my hands and feet on the sharp rocks which lurked just below the water there, a mistake I didn’t make again. The use of the word ‘badly’ is a gross, teenage, over-exaggeration though. The grazes – which almost certainly stung in the cold sea water – left no scars.

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