10 January1982

Sunday Jan X

Lisa + Kevin nearly came to blows in bed today. Dressed up for Breakfast – me Scots Lady!

Had a large lunch.

Had a bath.

Lost Scrabble by 9pts to Nana.

Nana’s house was a large bungalow. Originally a two bedroomed property, it had been extended to add a further room at one side. This was a cross between an extra day room – it contained a piano and had a large window which almost completely filled one side – and an extra bedroom, also holding a single bed and a sofa bed.

When we went to stay Lisa and Kevin, as the two smallest, would sleep head-to-toe in the sofa bed. Either Karen or I would have the single bed and the other would sleep on a folding bed on the floor.

Given these sleeping arrangements it is no surprise that there was almost a fight, especially as the kitchen was between where we were and the second bedroom where Mum and Dad were sleeping.

I am surprised by the last entry. Nana was a big fan of Scrabble and I have never been much good at it. This might still constitute my best result in the game.

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