8 January 1982

Friday Jan VIII

Went to Lancing. Train Very Late Departing and Very Crowded, ‘though most people got out at E. Croydon. Train Brighton-Lancing Not So Crowded.

Thick Snow Last Night.

Mr Fords Funeral.

Day II Skiving Off School!

There you have it. The first entry in my diary. There are three front pages of the diary covered in random jottings, obviously compliled over the course of my stay – as, indeed, are the back page ntes that end the book.

There was a lot of snow at this time and I think that although I refer to ‘skiving off school’ (my parents, understandably, didn’t see the point in sending me back to school after the Christmas break when I would only be there for about three days) I may not have been as the school may have been closed due to the weather.

Mr Ford was my aunt Gillian’s father. He had died, very suddenly, between Christmas and New Year whilst I was staying with Gran and Grandad. I remember Gran calling Gillian to give her the sad news, and then clearing out one of the spare rooms in case Mrs Ford wanted to come and stay the night after Gran had been to see her.

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