My Favourite…Christmas Song

I hate the fact that Christmas has become so commercialized. I the test of the fact that summer is barely finished before the Christmas cards are available in the shops. Over the years I have developed a habit of not even really thinking about the holiday until after my wife’s birthday has passed. Fortunately, both Helen and Caroline were born in December. Unfortunately this has sometimes meant that I have come horribly unstuck, such as last year when I ordered most of my Christmas presents from the internet and found that I had left it too late for some of them to be delivered in time.

Now that carolines birthday has gone by I can at least start to write about some more seasonal events and today I thought that I would tell you about my favorite Christmas song.

Many people raise at least one eyebrow whenever I this particular number because it is not your traditional Christmas song. I however love the message conveyed by it and the fact that it is all about someone else who has left the holiday preparations a little bit too late.

I am also always reminded of the first Christmas that I heard it. It was one of those that I wrote about at this time last year when I was helping my uncle with his milk round. Anything that reminds me of those days will always send me into a particularly nostalgic reverie.

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