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Nobody’s Diary?

For Christmas 1981 my Nana gave my sister and I a beautiful Chinese-style notebook each. In return, we gave her (as we gave my other grandparents) a photograph album containing professional pictures of all six members of my family. The … Continue reading

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There’s something peculiar about Brussels Sprouts. You will be hard pushed to find someone who admits to liking them, and yet every Christmas we all find ourselves downing these miniature brassicas like they were only available once a year. I … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

I know, it is Boxing Day and you’re surprised to find me here, but when I was growing up Boxing Day was always a day for doing things, not for sitting around and continuing to digest the Christmas turkey. This … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to you all. I could write about Christmas things for days, but I won’t, because it is Christmas Day and you should all be enjoying your own day rather than reading about mine. And if things … Continue reading

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McDonald’s At Christmas

McDonald’s always had the proud boast that the only day of the year they were closed was Christmas Day. For some of us who worked there, that was probably a good thing. Some of us – and I include myself … Continue reading

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I have mentioned before that I fell into my present career by accident. It is fair to say that I was not exactly a catch when it came to the graduate recruitment process. In fact, I went out of my … Continue reading

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Wait A Minute, Mr Postman

I have reached the stage in life where I no longer see the need to list things such as exam grades or part time jobs on my cv. Were I to do so, there is one job which would take … Continue reading

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Feeling Faint

Given the number of injuries that I have catalogued on here, you might be surprised to know that only one of them has ever come close to causing me to faint, and it happened when I was well into my … Continue reading

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Tell Sid

One of the nice things about my degree was that it was a joint honours course i.e. I studied two subjects instead of one. In those days before computerised timetabling, a certain amount of work was needed to try to … Continue reading

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Primula Cheese Spread Tried To Kill My Girlfriend

Let me take you back to 1994 and my brother Kevin’s 18th birthday party. It was a day that was memorable for many reasons. For example, if anyone wants to start banging on about climate change and global warming, I … Continue reading

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