A Different Kind of Partner

Sometimes, ideas for this site come about in slightly strange ways. This is one of those occasions. I have, for various reasons, received a couple of emails from a former business partner of mine over the course of the past few weeks.

I’ve mentioned before that that partnership didn’t end well. But there were ten of us in it and not all of them were dreadful people; in fact, only a couple of them were. Obviously I am not talking about that pair here!

‘Mercurial’ is just about the only word to describe this person. Working with him was one of the most entertaining periods of my life. He was always searching for what he described as ‘the edge’. At times, this led him to ideas that still haven’t been implemented yet. I’m not so sure about his idea of turning a camper van into a mobile office to serve outlying villages (if only because this would mean me being seen alive in a camper van, let alone dead) but I always thought it a crying shame that he never pursued his idea of a ‘Big Boys Toys’ website, which would allow you to (say) borrow someone’s speedboat of they were not using it, in exchange for them borrowing something of yours another time.

On other occasions, I would be the sensible killjoy stopping him from doing things which sounded good but were actually illegal. Which is in itself strange, given that he is the same age as my parents.

There were meetings where I would have to ban him from speaking unless spoken to. And there were times he could make you both laugh and cringe, like when he persuaded the waiter in a restaurant to sing the dessert menu with him. He threw great parties, organised great trips abroad, and landed me with the most uncomfortable radio interview of my life.

In short, he was a complete joy and a complete pain to work with. But in all other respects he’s a great guy and one of the very few people on this planet that I miss seeing regularly

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4 Responses to A Different Kind of Partner

  1. H says:

    Am I right in thinking I recognise this person as being the one who told me I must be thick?

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