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Tropic of Runcorn

Helen and I only ever lived in two houses – the third home that we had together and the last one. The former of those was in Runcorn and we occupied it for all of eight months. We moved there … Continue reading

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Running Out

One of the surest signs that you are getting older is that you begin to run out of relatives who are themselves older than you. Inevitably, you will at some stage reach a point in your life where you have … Continue reading

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A Wedding With Some Differences

It was one of the more unusual weddings that I have ever been to. For a start, it remains the only one I can remember going to where the bride was almost six months pregnant. It is also the only … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother, Part Two

We left the story at the point where I was on the train into London, en route to my first ever meeting with Caro. When I got to London I suddenly had a pang of conscience. Here I was, on … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother

I’ve often said that, within reason, I’ll do requests on this site. There are some things that I won’t ever write about, even if someone asks me to. The overriding criteria for anything to go on here is ‘does my … Continue reading

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My First…Cure Album

I make no apologies for today’s Memory. I have written before about my unrelenting love of The Cure and earlier this week I had the privilege of seeing them in the wonderful setting of the Royal Albert Hall. More significantly … Continue reading

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My First…Football Match

It is about five years since I fell out of love with football. Up until that point, though, I was pretty much as mad about the game as the next man or boy. I even bought a tiny portable TV … Continue reading

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My Favourite…Cartoon

Buried in a box, somewhere in my house, lies my favourite cartoon of all time. Not just a yellowing page from the magazine that published it, either, but the original cartoon itself. There are two reasons why this prized item … Continue reading

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France – Part Deux

This is a little bit of a different post, because I don’t recall the school trip to France that I began the story of on Wednesday with so much clarity that each incident will make for a post in its … Continue reading

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I carry this small piece of my childhood with me everywhere I go. It is a metal key fob* which I purchased at the Bayeux Tapestry when on a school trip to France when I was aged 10. It is … Continue reading

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