Dave the Dentist, the Denoument

In the end, it all went sour with Dave.

Oddly, this had nothing to do with Helen and I living with him, and yet everything to do with Helen and I living with him.

What happened was that, after about three months of living with us, Dave announced that he had heard that there were some new flats being built just a street away. There were indeed – right above a row of shops and opposite the wine bar that I mentioned last time.

Dave decided that he liked the flats so much that he was going to buy one of the two bedroomed ones. Meanwhile, Helen had been offered a promotion, but it would mean moving to Sainsbury’s Warrington store – again, I have mentioned this previously – but also mean us moving again. It all seemed to work very well, we moved out, Dave stayed on whilst his flat was finished and he even came to visit us in our new house on a couple of occasions. Everything was good.

But then it all went wrong. Helen got promoted again, this time to a job in Stockport. Which meant moving back to Manchester at rather short notice. Dave kindly offered to put us up in his spare room whilst we found a place.

What Dave didn’t know was that Helen and I were not exactly the most decisive people in the world, at least at that time. We simply couldn’t find anywhere to live. To put it bluntly, most of the places Helen wanted to buy or rent were ones that I baulked at the price of.

Which is how it came about that Helen ended up buying a flat in the same complex as Dave’s. And how we ended up destroying our relationship with him by staying in his spare room for about two months. Even though we literally kept to that room as much as possible, and it really did contain all of our possessions – there was nothing of ours in any room other than the bathroom – we did not appreciate at the time just how annoying it is to have people in your home for so long.

We certainly got the message, though. Helen’s purchase of the flat completed on a day when she was away on a training course. I moved every item of ours from Dave’s flat that day, by myself, into the new flat. We then stayed in the new flat for about a week with no electricity, because we were the first to occupy that section of the building and the builders had blown the main fuse to it. I guess you could say that we got our comeuppance!

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