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Leaving Oddbins Again

Unfortunately, things all went spectacularly wrong a couple of days after the Oddbins cricket match.In fact, within half an hour of me arriving at work on the next working day. It was a fairly simple problem. Hal, the manager, wanted … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musical Memory

Like many couples, Caro and I had a fairly idyllic, ‘nothing can harm us’ sort of beginning to our relationship. Things such as her purse being stolen the first time we met were brushed off as mere trifles. Splashing hot … Continue reading

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A while back I mentioned that Helen has a sister, Karen. What I didn’t mention is that she also has a brother, Stephen. Steve – or ‘Bugs’ as he is known to his siblings, for reasons which I have never … Continue reading

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The Oddbins Cricket Match

Everyone needs something to get them through the working day. For some it is simply the satisfaction of knowing that they are the best at what they do. For others, it is the thought of the illicit moments that they … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musical Memory

This morning I am in the West Country. Once upon a time, I used to drive there every day, commuting from my home in Surrey to my job in Bath and back. It was during the era when Chris Evans … Continue reading

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Historical Meal #1

I mentioned a while back that I ought to start a series recreating some of the meals that I have cooked – or had cooked for me – in my past. This is the first entry, something which I used … Continue reading

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My First…Cricket Coach

Okay, I know that this has all gone a bit ‘cricketty’ this month, but to be honest with you that is precisely how I used to spend my summers when I was growing up – playing cricket, reading about cricket … Continue reading

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