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The Toe End of the Curry Story

I deliberately left something out of Wednesday’s story about curry. I figured that a post about such a delicious meal – even my worst such meal – might make some of you hanker after it. I therefore decided not to … Continue reading

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My Worst…Curry

Having told you about my first curry a few days ago, it only seems right that I tell you about my worst one. In fact, there are two contenders for this title. The first – and owner of the dubious … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musical Memory

Let me take you back to June 1996, and my second ever visit to Lord’s Cricket Ground, something which cricket fans everywhere know as the home of the game. It might surprise those of you who know what an avid … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle

Yesterday morning I sat glued to my computer screen, watching NASA’s live feed of the last ever Space Shuttle landing. Needless to say, the computer crashed just as the Atlantis orbiter was about to land, but the whole experience took … Continue reading

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My First…Proper Curry

I thought I’d have a recurring theme, where I wrote about the first time I did something or had something happen to me. And what better place to start than with one of my many slight addictions, curry. Curry had … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musical Memory

Exactly three years ago today, I flew to Australia. The idea was that four of us would fly from the UK, meet up with another four in Los Angeles, before joining up with my parents in Brisbane for a three … Continue reading

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Breaking Dad

My parents have been friends with the Powells for longer than I can remember. I certainly don’t know how the relationship began, but I can see why it did – a shared sense of the ridiculous, two families of adopted … Continue reading

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