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It Used to be One of the Best Days of the Year

For about ten years of my life, this particular Friday, the second one in May, used to find me beside myself with excitement and anticipation. At school, all of the talk – among the boys, at least – would be … Continue reading

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A Scottish Do

The big event of the first May that Helen and I were together was a family wedding. For many of the family, this was going to be the first occasion upon which they had met Helen. More importantly, it was … Continue reading

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Can We Go to the Fairground Instead, Then?

The answer is still ‘no’, I’m afraid. My hatred of fairgrounds is only marginally less well developed than my hatred of circuses, although for different reasons. Fairgrounds are, in short, a giant rip-off. Four quid to ride on a train … Continue reading

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Can We Go to the Circus?

No, we bloomin’ well can not! I hate circuses. Always have done and probably always will. It is not because of a fear of clowns. I just find their ‘comedy’ tedious and predictable. It isn’t because of the animal cruelty … Continue reading

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31 Days In May

Back in the early 1990s, when Helen and I first began living together, Radio One was good. In fact, they were probably the final few years of its useful life. After about 1992 the station fell into the hands of … Continue reading

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A Royal Wedding Memory

Although I don’t encourage you to, I will fully understand if you decide to skip this entry. After all, there has been quite a lot written about weddings in the last few days and I would hate to add to … Continue reading

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So, How Was It For You?

Well, that’s the 30 Day Song Challenge completed. I hope that you enjoyed it and enjoyed learning some things about me from it. For anyone who wants to try and make a playlist or something, the full details are later … Continue reading

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