Both of my sisters have birthdays this week. As a family, we long ago decided against giving one another birthday presents. Well, I say ‘decided’, what I really mean is that I told them I wasn’t doing birthday and Christmas presents any more and didn’t expect them to buy them for me. Which has simply given rise to some very complicated Christmas arrangements, but I’ll save that for another time.

To prove the point – and absolutely not because I’m a numpty who got this week’s posts scheduled for the wrong days, oh no – I’m resolutely not posting this on Lisa’s birthday.

As the eldest, I am lucky to be able to remember the early days of all of my siblings. As you will know from this post, two of my siblings are adopted. Lisa is one of those, so she was actually around two years old when I first met her.

My earliest memory of her is of her sitting in the middle of our living room – or ‘living area’, as we had a lounge/diner in those days – and not moving. This was a little bit of a mystery to me, until I realised that she had never been taught to walk or crawl. I am sure that the temptation to leave things that way was a great one, not because it made it easier to keep track of her, but because she always looked very cute, just sat there, grinning under a mass of tousled reddish-brown hair.

And I’m very glad that she did learn to walk, because if she hadn’t been able to, we wouldn’t have had one or two very entertaining evenings when she was a teenager. And even though she grew up – although not so much that she wouldn’t have trouble seeing over a matchbox – she’s still great fun and a someone I am very proud of.

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