30 Day Song Challenge, Day 28 – A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

I have done many, many things in my life which I feel guilty about. Some of them hurt other people in a variety of ways. Some of them probably affected nobody at all, but I still feel guilty about them. However, none of these are things which I associate with any particular song.

Well, except perhaps one thing. Over the years, I have had at least three good ideas for children’s stories. However, the way that my brain works is that they are all stories aimed at the sort of children who need a few illustrations along the way in order to help them follow what is going on. Which creates a problem, because I can’t draw. And I have never yet found anyone who was willing to do my drawing for me, at least not without being paid money that I don’t have available to spend in advance of a publishing contract.

All of which means that I have left these stories behind. I enjoyed writing them, but I have to accept that taking them forward needs skills which I simply do not have.

I never believed it when writers said that their characters became real to them, or that the characters would take the story into places that the writer had not envisaged (and sometimes did not want to go to), but it was writing these particular stories that made me realise that, actually, what I had heard is true. Which means that – crazy and slightly Jasper fforde-ian though it may sound – I actually do feel guilty that I’ve left two dozen characters in the lurch because of my own limited abilities.

In one of the stories some of the characters had their own theme songs. This was one of them.

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