30 Day Song Challenge, Day 9 – A Song That You Can Dance To

Over on Facebook – where, I might have mentioned, you can ‘like’ us to your heart’s content right here – someone had the bright idea of setting a challenge to select a song a day on thirty different topics. As music is such a big part of my life anyway, I thought I would combine that idea with The Memory Blog during April (April having the right number of days). Which means that you get a new post every day this month, with a song at the end, too.

There are many things in life that I cannot do. Some of these I choose not to even try and do. Some of them I could never do, on account of being the wrong gender. And some of them are just plain weird – for example, I can climb, but I can’t abseil.

Then there are the things that I can’t do, because I try and do them and quickly realise that I am pretty bad at them. In this category you would put cooking, cleaning, singing and dancing.

Unless, that is, you don’t mind the results having a very specifically Richard-esque tint to them. Back when I was taking my A-levels, there was a bar at the end of Kenilworth Road in Leamington, just where it joins Clarendon Avenue at the top of The Parade, the main shopping street in town. I have never been able to remember what it was called, it was not there for very long before becoming a wine bar.

The significance of this bar was that it was somewhere we would go for a very specific reason, which was to hear this particular song, as it was pretty much the only place where they would play it. And my friends and I made up our own dance to it. Which, of course, I could do perfectly. It is one of those songs that always reminds me of those heady days between the ages of 16 and 18.

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