30 Day Song Challenge, Day 8 – A Song That You Know All The Words To

Over on Facebook – where, I might have mentioned, you can ‘like’ us to your heart’s content right here – someone had the bright idea of setting a challenge to select a song a day on thirty different topics. As music is such a big part of my life anyway, I thought I would combine that idea with The Memory Blog during April (April having the right number of days). Which means that you get a new post every day this month, with a song at the end, too.

For a couple of years, I worked for a very strange firm in central London. From what I remember, it was run by three friends who had been at university together, and therefore the main criteria for promotion was ‘must have been at university with us’. Which meant that the chances of promotion were nil.

Not that that bothered me much at the time. I had just come out of six years as a partner in a law firm and was happy for someone else to take the day to day decisions for once. Unfortunately, the management style there made the Chinese government look open-minded and I was soon looking for a way out.

Shortly before I joined this firm, Caro had won tickets to a festival in Hyde Park. Depeche Mode headlined, but the band who caught my attention were this lot. It took about a year for their debut album to come out, which coincided with me deciding to leave the firm I mention above.

I was pretty torn at which song to choose here, because I listened to the entire album at least once a day during that time. In the end, I’ve gone for the song that I kept returning to time and time again.

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