30 Day Song Challenge, Day 1 – Your Favourite Song

Over on Facebook – where, I might have mentioned, you can ‘like’ us to your heart’s content right here – someone had the bright idea of setting a challenge to select a song a day on thirty different topics. As music is such a big part of my life anyway, I thought I would combine that idea with The Memory Blog during April (April having the right number of days). Which means that you get a new post every day this month, with a song at the end, too.

My favourite song comes, as you might expect from my favourite band. I first heard this song – and this band – when I was living in New Zealand. At the time, I thought that it was, frankly, a bit weird. I was into Adam & the Ants and The Human League at that time, so something as strange and ethereal as this was so far out of my experience that I simply lacked the ability to understand it at that time.

When I returned to England, I became heavily involved with the school drama club. I was talking to a girl named Rebecca Harrison, who began enthusing about the band. I was hugely susceptible to being influenced by Becky, because (a) she was a girl who was willing to talk to me and (b) she was the daughter of my dad’s boss. As a result, I threw myself into purchasing everything that I could by this band and fell in love with them.

Curiously, it took me years to obtain a copy of this particular song, because it was only ever released as a single (although it has been on several compilations since).

Last year, the song gave me another wonderful experience. I got talking on Twitter to Jon Hillcock, who runs the brilliant New Noise website, but who at  the time was a DJ on NME Radio. I commented that I had never heard the song played on the radio. I was very surprised when, about a week later, Jon played it as the penultimate song on his last ever show for the station.

Here it is, then. The song which changed my musical life (with a little help from a teenage girl). Charlotte Sometimes, by The Cure

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3 Responses to 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 1 – Your Favourite Song

  1. Karen says:

    Can’t listen because the video isn’t available in my country! Boo…

  2. Philip says:

    To pick up on the “I’m big enough a Curehead to…” tangent from Twitter: did you know that Robert actually composed this song in a hotel room while on tour in New Zealand? So proud he was that he phoned his then best mate Severin to play it to him; only Severin never answered and he fell asleep, to awake to a few hundred $ phone bill… Was worth it though, a classic single. Always wanted to read the book, but it’s kinda hard to find ourside the UK

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