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Waving at Trains

For roughly the first 21 years of my life Gran and Grandad lived in Queensbury. For those of you familiar with the London Underground, that means that they were two stops from the end of the Jubilee line – or, … Continue reading

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The Comptons

I wrote a few months back about our neighbour, Mr Quinn. For some reason the follow up post about the neighbours on the other side never happened – I can’t remember why – so this is it. The house on … Continue reading

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We’ve Got A New Address

Finally, after months of prevarication, we’ve now got our own address, Obviously, we now feel all big and grown up. Don’t bank on it making any difference to the quality of the writing, though. Or the spelling, punctuation or … Continue reading

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I’m writing this whilst eating breakfast at my desk, so thought I would tell you about breakfast when I was a child. As I have said, bringing up four children on one income was no easier in the 1970s than … Continue reading

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In Which Richard and Helen Kill Cars

At the start of our time living together, Helen and I somehow managed to go through cars at a rate of roughly one every two months. The first was a blue Ford Fiesta. I remember going to buy this car … Continue reading

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My First Car

I know nothing about cars. So long as they have four wheels and a steering wheel, and so long as they will get me from where I am to where I want to go without any unscheduled stops along the … Continue reading

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Meeting Henry Davenport

Those of you who can remember the nineties will surely remember Henry Davenport, the irascible veteran newsreader who was one of the stars of the Drop the Dead Donkey comedy series. Henry was forever railling against something – technology, the … Continue reading

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