Rude Kid

Having reached the age where I have friends whose children are becoming teenagers, I have started to realise just how obnoxious I was in my younger days.

I this respect I don’t claim to be in any way different to you or anyone that you know – I am certainly not claiming any sort of ‘more-obnoxious-than-thou’ crown – but it does make me wonder what I have forgotten over the passing years.

I know, for example, that I said inappropriate things at times, or that I tried to join in with conversations which I had no business becoming involved in. And I remember clearly being severely told off for asking my uncle for my wages after being taken by him on his milk round at the age of about six.

One thing that I didn’t remember until I was reminded of it a couple of years ago is that I once told my parents that they only wanted me to go to university so that they could show off to their friends. At the time, I was very keen on the idea of giving up my education and working full time at McDonald’s – a decision which would probably have led to a career with more respect and more promotion opportunities than my current one (I am sure I would have made store manager by now).

I even got into trouble for being rude to Mrs Smith, one half of the couple who ran the local newsagent and possibly the rudest person I have ever met. I still maintain that I was only speaking to her in a way that she would understand.

It wasn’t just my parents and other adults that I was rude to. Being rude to your siblings is almost mandatory, although I was probably going a little far when I suggested to one of my sisters that we should buy her a red light for her birthday.

There are, of course, some who think that I have never grown out of this habit. What’s the rudest you have ever been to someone else?

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