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Remembering Tim

One of the recurring themes of this story is that, in many ways, I have been very lucky in my life. I have been to a lot of different places, seen a lot of different things and met some wonderful … Continue reading

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It was 25 years ago today

I have written before of my deep love for American football. Although that love began in the very early 1980s, it wasn’t really consummated until 1985. It was then that I discovered the Chicago Bears, and the two of us … Continue reading

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The Biggest Injustice

I thought long and hard about writing this particular post. I’ve always been the kind of person to keep things very much to myself and to try not to do things which upset other people. What I am going to … Continue reading

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A Post About Posting

It may surprise some of you to know this, but I was occasionally quite helpful when I was a child. There was even the odd occasion when I would do something without being asked to – I know that I … Continue reading

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Old School Photo

Here’s a rare treat. A photo from my schooldays. The really sad thing, though, is that I thought I could remember everyone who was in my class, and I can’t. Some of these are people I remember well, though. You … Continue reading

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Losing Badly

Apologies to my reader for the later arrival of this post. No excuses, I made a hash of things As an adult, I like to think that I am a pretty good loser. I’m certainly good at losing and am … Continue reading

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This Sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of my Grandad dying. When I think back on it, I am surprised at how long he has been gone for – almost a third of my life, in fact. It seems like … Continue reading

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