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Boxing Day With The Grandparents

Having exorcised my terrible memories of Christmas Day with my maternal grandparents, it is only fair to mention what Boxing Day with them was like, too. Essentially, December 26th always featured three things. The first would be a walk around … Continue reading

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What I Hated About Christmas

No, no the Christmas just gone, but those of my childhood. Christmas Day is, of course, not like any other day. And my family always liked to spend it with at least one set of grandparents, usually my maternal ones, … Continue reading

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My Favourite Christmas Eves

I have long been a much bigger fan of Christmas Eve than Christmas Day. There’s something about the intensity of the build up to Christmas that makes December 24th somehow more of an occasion than December 25th – a day … Continue reading

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Mum’s Birthday

I’ve always been pretty good at remembering dates. Birthdays, in particular. I’ve no idea why, I can’t remember things about my actual job from one day to the next, but I can. There are exceptions to every rule, of course. … Continue reading

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Back, Back, BACK

The Memory Blog has been away for an unconscionable amount of time, and for that I can only apologise. Unfortunately, illness meant that I was abroad for far longer than I expected and it has taken me a long time … Continue reading

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