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Helen, Part Eight

This post contains a revelation which will surprise my family (and maybe a few friends as well). You see, Helen and I didn’t actually fight all of the time. The myth arose because our first few months together were, at … Continue reading

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The Legend of the Purple Hand

Writing about school dinners in Scotland reminded me, for the first time in ages, of another story from that brief part of my childhood that was spent in Scotland. My school had a curious geography. The playground and main school … Continue reading

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School Dinners, Part One

I don’t think that you can say much about your past life without at least mentioning in passing the evil of school dinners. Or, at least, the percieved evil, because being the glutton that I am, I tended to like … Continue reading

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Another Shameful Thing

Throughout my adult life there have been things which have nagged away at me from my childhood, things which I know that I shouldn’t have done but did do and some things which I know that I should have done … Continue reading

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Hong Kong

I have been lucky to have visited Hong Kong twice in my life. If you discount places visited for the sole purpose of meeting friends or relatives, then the only overseas destination I have visited more often than HK is … Continue reading

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Helen, Part Seven

We left the story of Helen and I at the point where we had just moved into our first flat together. In our first week of living together, I almost managed to cause three diplomatic incidents, and they were all … Continue reading

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Four Eyes

Up until the age of about nine, I was normal. The only thing wrong with my eyesight was that I was – and still am – very colour blind. This alone marked me out in my immediate family, as both … Continue reading

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