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The Radio One Years

From about the age of ten, there was a recurring theme to my life around this time of year. Radio One would be having a party and, for the sake of 25 lousy minutes, I wasn’t invited. Allow me to … Continue reading

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My Favourite Birthday

I love birthdays. My birthday. My wife’s birthday. My son’s birthday. Family birthdays, friends’ birthdays, collegues’ birthdays and (on occasion) complete strangers’ birthdays, I love them all. There’s a convention that, as an adult, you are should not enjoy birthdays … Continue reading

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It seems a bit antiquated now, but once upon a time I had a job where I had my own secretary. Then times moved on and the idea of one secretary per lawyer went out of fashion, so I had … Continue reading

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A Shocking Tale

Health and Safety was different back when I was 17. This was particularly true at McDonald’s, where there was almost a casual acceptance of pain and injury that would probably have the company sued into oblivion nowadays. For example, I … Continue reading

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It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

I wouldn’t normally post anything on a Saturday, but with two important events in my life having occurred on September 25th I couldn’t bring myself to ignore the date altogether. On Tuesday September 25th 1990 I walked into the offices … Continue reading

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Mostly ‘Armless

The next day, I went back to school. It was a Thursday and before anyone asks, no, I can’t remember what lessons we had that day. It doesn’t really matter, because I didn’t make it past the lunch break anyway. … Continue reading

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Literally a Skiver

One day in 1980, I decided that I had to take a day off school. The operative word there is ‘had’ because, put simply, I couldn’t face going into school that day. I had been at Croft Hall for a … Continue reading

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A Point of No Return

I make no apologies for throwing in a recent memory at this point. This is something which happened exactly three years ago today – the birth of my son, William. Every parent will tell you that the birth of a … Continue reading

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Helen, Part Four

It is funny how the actions of one or two people can, quite unwittingly, have an effect upon your life. By the end of September 1989 Helen’s time at Marks and Spencer was drawing to an end. We had both … Continue reading

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John James

I have mentioned before that, when I started junior school at the age of almost 8, I was moved up a year because the year below me was full. In total, there were four of us who that happened to, … Continue reading

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