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My First Cricket Match

Those of you who know how big a part cricket now plays in my life might be surprised that I can’t remember much about my first cricket match. Indeed, it has taken me a while to work out when it … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Promotion

August Bank Holiday Monday 1984 was the most chaotic day I think I have had in my life. It was, of course, also one of the most fun. I was scheduled to work a normal eight hour shift at McDonald’s … Continue reading

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A Trip to Ludlow

Thinking back, it seems that the summer of 1986 did odd things to our parents. Mine decided to move to a house in a village called Bubbenhall, which meant that we were almost exactly twenty minutes from anywhere, despite the … Continue reading

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It Was 31 Years Ago Today

… that I went into hospital for the first operation that I had on my nose. Those of you who have met me may be surprised to know that this proud proboscis is almost entirely natural. Over the years I … Continue reading

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Helen, Part One

There is, of course, no way that I could write this history and not mention my first wife, Helen. She was a big part of my adult life to date and in some respects I feel guilty about not having … Continue reading

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Mr Quinn

By my calculation, I have lived at 20 different addresses, not counting two different halls of residence whilst at university. By which token I should have had at least 40 different sets of neighbours – probably more, as people move … Continue reading

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Growing up back in the days before the internet, or even 24 hour television. just occasionally we had to so something other than stare at a screen in order to entertain ourselves. At some point, someone gave us a game … Continue reading

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The Silver Jubilee

Do you remember the first time that you went out for a drink with your workmates? This particular epithany reached me sometime during the summer of 1984. I was working in my first ‘proper’ job, at McDonald’s and as I … Continue reading

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Frances Atkinson

One of the recurring themes of my life has been my absolute hopelessness around women that I like. It wasn’t always that way. Until about the age of 8, any girl I liked liked me too. Then it all went … Continue reading

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Teenage Megalomaniac

When I was in my final year at school I was, for reasons which still baffle me, appointed Head Boy. There was no election, no question of asking any of my peers if I was someone they would accept in … Continue reading

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